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Contact Us  
If you are interested in TravelSurgeryUSA, the first thing we need to do is get to know you. We need you to contact us. There are a couple of ways that you can do that.

• You can call us at (843) 614-7784.
• You can email us at
• You can fill out a contact form on the website via the link below!

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A Representative Will Contact You  
After you contact us a representative of TravelSurgeryUSA will quickly respond back to answer any questions you may have and help start the process.

We will send you a questionnaire regarding your diagnosis and your referring physician's recommendation.


Your Medical Information  
After we receive the questionnaire, a medical representative will contact you by phone to discuss and gather more medical information.

We will require current diagnostic results such as:
• labs,
• EKG,
• Chest X-ray

*They must be done within 30 days of surgery.

If you do not have those diagnostics we can arrange for them to be done locally at a discounted price. Preliminary tests are not included in our pricing.


Further Evaluation  

If you are deemed a possible surgical candidate a fee of $1500 will be due. This is a fee that will be applied toward the cost of your surgery. If at the time of your presurgical evaluation the surgeon decides you are not an appropriate surgical candidate for medical reasons or you choose not to undergo surgery, $1000 will be refunded to you.

Two (2) days before the surgery, the fee is due in money order or cashier’s check in full to TravelSurgeryUSA.

We can further assist you with your travel arrangements.


After the Surgery  

Once the surgery is completed, then post operative evaluations will be done to ensure everything is in order to release you back home.


Post Operative Care  

Your post operative care will include up to 90 days follow up. Physical therapy can be arranged at a discounted rate if necessary.


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