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Welcome to TravelSurgeryUSA
Improving Healthcare One Patient at a Time

TravelSurgeryUSA was founded by Dr. James D. Spearman, and is located in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina. Dr. Spearman’s vision is to provide quality surgical care for patients at an affordable price. By focusing on efficiency and standardizing care, he can provide high quality, low cost healthcare. TravelSurgeryUSA offers transparent pricing. Our price quotes are all-inclusive and covers the facility fee, surgeon’s fee, and anesthesia.

The surgeries are performed in either an outpatient facility or a hospital in a quiet suburban setting located near Charleston, South Carolina. Patients may recuperate after surgeries in a broad choice of accommodations in the Charleston area ranging from historic B&B’s to houses at the beach.

<b>Ankle</b><br/>• Arthroscopy<br/>• Arthroscopic Ankle Fusion<br/>• Ligament Reconstruction<br/> <b>Hand</b><br/>• Carpal Tunnel Surgery<br/>• Trigger Finger Surgery<br/>• Dupuytren's Contracture Release<br/>• Wrist Arthroscopy <b>Knee</b><br/>• ACL reconstruction <br/> • Arthroscopy<br/> • Meniscectomy<br/> • 
  Chondroplasty<br/>• Total Knee Replacement<br/>• Unicondylar Knee Replacement <b>Spine</b><br/>• Lumbar Discectomy<br/>• Anterior Cervical Discectomy & Fusion<br/><br/><b>Nonsurgical Spine & Pain Management</b><br/> • Lumbar Epidural Steroid Injection<br/>• Cervical Epidural Steroid Injection<br/>• Facet Ablation <b>Shoulder</b><br/>• Rotator Cuff Repair<br/>• Shoulder Arthroscopy<br/>• Shoulder Instability Repair <b> Elbow </b><br/>• Tennis Elbow Release<br/>• Decompression Ulnar Nerve<br/> • Elbow Arthroscopy <b>Hip</b><br/>• Replacement